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Send Us Your Group Photo


Please send us your own intriguing, irresistible or incriminating pictures from your Odyssey vacation so we can add them to our album. We are looking for people pictures and group shots, not underwater scenes, so if you've got shots of your group, please do send them.

Keep the files you send us within the guidelines outlined here:

    640 x 480 pixels @ 72 dpi saved as JPG format, maximum or high quality (If you don't have the software to resize your images you can use this website.)

    Name the files with your first and last name, then a consecutive number: first_last_1.jpg

Be sure to include a text file with photo information in your upload. The file must be TEXT ONLY with a .txt extension...not Microsoft Word, Publisher, or any other format please! Provide the file names and any captions you would like to include. Also please tell us who you are. Photos that have no accompanying information, or a text file that cannot be opened, will likely not be used in the gallery.

We will attempt to include as many "people pictures" as we can on the scrapbook page.

To upload a file, press the browse button below. It will open a window in your browser, that will allow you to navigate on your hard drive to where the file is located, select it and then press the Open button. The file will then appear in the file to upload box below. When you are satisfied with your selection, press the submit button and wait for a response!

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